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British Bob

With a simple gameplay but with lots of elements that makes the playability aspect shine above all, British Bob dazzles with its approach and fun atmosphere.. As an oldschool fixed-screen classic platform game, it keeps on challenging the player with surprises, creating a catchy and addictive experience. Biscuits, tea cups, stormy clouds, bulldogs, bowler hats… British Bob is here to stay: would you face the challenge of finishing the whole game? Story: Bob to the rescue! The Queen herself has summoned you to her palace to ask for help. A gang of thieves has stolen all tea biscuits in t...

Published: 2009
Type: Arcade, Platform
Platform: Msx 2
Recommended age: All

British Bob Jumping craze!

- British Bob is back again in a brand new videogame! Collect every biscuit on each stage, exit levels by entering a red phone cabin, use your umbrella to ease your falls, recover hidden diamonds, evade malicious enemies… does it ring a bell? Now just add to the mix a bunch of pinball rebounding elements, a touch of the “brick games” genre, an intuitive control using the touch screen and device accelerator, and a whole new enemy gang ready to finish you at first sight. This and much more is just awaiting you: show your dexterity and your loyalty to the Crown w...

Published: 2014
Type: Adventure, Arcade, Platform
Platform: Android
Recommended age: All

Safybots polyester super robots

URIARTE SAFYBOX manufactures non-metallic enclosures: GRP boxes and cabinets to protect any electrical equipment for electricity, water, gas and telecommunications. That’s why they’ve decided to bring their high quality products alive in the shape of mighty super robots that protect the human race… the old school way! Select your favourite robot and fly through different scenarios facing adverse enviroments in your mission to save the world from the infamous Metal and Plastic Batallions. Be brave, Safybot! your power and strenght are your best weapons to accomplish your...

Published: 2013
Type: Adventure, Action-adventure, Arcade
Platform: Android, PC
Recommended age: All

Armix Kart

Basque, Spanish and English languages are the hurdle you will have to leap in this hard race. If you solve the problems, you will get devices that allow you to go faster.

Published: 2009
Type: Arcade, Edugame, Racing
Platform: PC
Recommended age: 7+