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Malaika returns to our MSX computers! And this time she is facing her very first challenge on a different game genre. Enjoy this 16KB platform game full of joy, catchy musics, tons of color and action, in the shape of 80s classics such as Bubble Bobble! Suddenly the peaceful Prehistoric World became attacked! Some strange creatures from outer space were invading every single corner in the planet. What could they do?. Malaika, the young princess of the Prehistoric World decided it was enough! There were aliens everywhere: in the fields, in the woods… also, big spaceships were floating ev...

Published: 2013
Type: Platform
Platform: Msx 2
Recommended age: All

Hiru mosketariak

That story takes place in Paris in 1628. The count Xavier and his evil servant Orsini have kidnapped the Three Musketeers D’Artagnan, Aramis y Athos in a secret castle  with the intent to dominate French kingdom. You have to help musketeer Porthos to save its friends all around 200 areas: impenetrable forest, huge castles, dark and wet dungeons. You have had to overcoming increasing difficult obstacles. More than two hundred areas, ten levels, three possible ends and you will be able to keep three games. It is divided in five places and each of them have his levels. You have to find...

Published: 2006
Type: Adventure, Platform
Platform: PC
Recommended age: 7+

Kinito ninja

Kinito Ninja is an action adventure, high-speed and lateral movement video game. The aim of the player is very simple: avoid the obstacles, stab your enemies and get the treasure. It is addictive and attractive at the same time because their marvellous graphics, well-polished game and amazing animations. You don't have to choose a single character. You can be a passionate African samurai or a fast warring geisha. Kinito Ninja is a very intuitive and simple, apt for everybody that loves frenetic action. As the character move for themselves, you can focus on your aim: jump, dodge and stab your...

Published: 2012/04/25
Type: Platform, Adventure, Ability - Skills
Platform: Android, iTunes
Recommended age: All