Whats up Turkey? Game info and download

You're the king of the turkeys. An honorable and wise turkey of the turkey world. You're visiting planets across the universe to meet other turkey clans when you arrive to a planet full of... CHICKENS!! Chinkens... fucking chickens... the worst enemy turkeys have... When you arrive to the planet, their fucking leader a.k.a Chickenator, slices your soul into pieces and send you to other dimensions... Now your adventure begins. You must connect your pieces between the dimensions to fullfil your mission... and destroy the FUCKING CHICKENATOR!

Published: 2018
Type: Strategy, Puzzle
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: CC (by-nc-nd)
Encounter: Global Game Jam 2018 Donostia


Programming: Jon Ander Vázquez.

Design: Mikel Gómez, Borja Etxegoena.



Albergue BELABARTZ aterpetxea, Zamalbide Auzoa, Rentería, España