Sorginen kondaira Information and download

Made for kids and teenagers - promotes knowledge of the Basque language and culture by solving amusing challenges in incredible 3D scenarios. The whole content is available in both Basque and Spanish and suitable for all sorts of public. BEAT GAUEKO: the villain Gaueko has come back from a millenium of banishment, ready to make mischief in the Basque lands. Help Mari and witches with defeating their worst enemy together with other mythological personalities. SOLVE PUZZLES: use your intelligence to free your sisters from Gaueko's powerful spell. Along the way you will recover your powers that will allow you to solve all the puzzles the villain Gaueko has prepared for you. DISCOVER YOUR CULTURE: enjoy learning about the most characteristic personalities and places of the Basque mythology. Get lost in the mysterious woods of Oma, enter the epic caves of Zugarramurdi and visit the witches' place at Sorginetxe.

Published: 2016
Type: Adventure, Intelligence, Edugame, Puzzle
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Created by: Binary Soul.

Ctra. Bilbao-Galdakao, 10, Etxebarri, EspaƱa