Jorund king of the North Vikings , has been tricked by Loki , the god of lies, to enter the forbidden garden of the Norns . The other gods , indignant at such an affront , have locked him in the kingdom of Lukx . Hundra, daughter of Jorund , has successfully convinced the gods that the fault of Loki , but has not managed to free his father. The die is cast  and she do not think turning back. She is authorized to go to rescue his father. Knowing how difficult will be the business, Hundra visit the old wizard Kaldar, for guided her through the best way to achieve  his goal. He tell her if enter is difficult, more difficult is leaving, and you can only do it if your found before the three sacred gems.

Published: 1987
Type: Adventure
Platform: Amstrad CPC, Msx 2, ZX Spectrum
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Zeus Software.

Ricardo Puerto. Programación.
Raúl López. Gráficos
Roman Hergueta.
Javier Cubedo.


Dinamic Software.

Paseo Altza, San Sebastián, España