Future world

It is a 2D platformer, set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the protagonist, a small fighter robot whose batteries have not been exhausted, has to explore the map in search of numerous objects belonging to the extinct human civilization. You will have to face the multiple mutant creatures that inhabit the ruins of what was once a shining city.

Published: 2013
Type: Platform
Platform: PC
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright
Encounter: Euskal Encounter 21


Ismael Serrano: programador.
Eder Beldad: programador.
Pere Casafont: programador.
Asier Sanchez: programador.
Sendoa Bergasa: artista.
Eduardo Garcia: artista.
David Martin Gau: artista.
Xavier Sevillano: artista.
Julen Urrutia: artista.
Xabier Urrutia: artista.

Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Calle Ronda de Azkue, Baracaldo, EspaƱa