Devilsh Sergend, allied with the devil, has obtained a magic mirror that has the terrible power to drive crazy who looks into it. It reflects everybody that has horrible human soul, full of passions and fears. With this mirror he expects to end all people of good will who has in his dominions, as only the wicked are able to contemplate his own vileness. Seeing that their plans are being met quickly, Sergend places the magic mirror in the only monastery of their land. Most monks, ignorant of dark magic mirror, succumbs to his diabolical power. The few survivors realize that they can do nothing and leave the monastery, sending messengers beyond the boundaries of the lands of Sergend , looking for people willing to destroy the mirror. The Bronhir Knight receives the sad news and decides to end the tyranny of the damn mirror, but on the way to the monastery is captured by thugs Sergend and enclosed in an inn. This is where the adventure begins.

Published: 1991
Type: Adventure
Platform: ZX Spectrum
Recommended age: All
License: Copyright


Raúl López: Grafikoak.

Pedro José Rodríguez Larrañaga: Programazioa.

Paseo Altza, San Sebastián, España